The Bologna Federated Conference on Programming Language (BOPL) 2020 includes four conferences on software programming:

Besides programming languages, the international community behind BOPL spans areas of computer science that include software engineering, artificial intelligence, security, logics, and mathematics and it brings together 200+ researchers and practitioners to present the latest developments in their respective fields.

BOPL 2020 welcomes corporate donations to help maintain and improve the overall experience of attending the conference. We will use money from corporate sponsors to subsidise attendance, especially for students (e.g., with prizes in dedicated sessions), and to cover the costs of the organisation and of the fees to let the contents of BOPL be open access to everyone.

BOPL 2020 Sponsors
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BOPL welcomes corporate donations. To help donors orient on their decision, we include below a set of suggested tiers, donation quotas, and related benefits — tiers are clickable and direct you to the contact form for donations at the end of this page.

Becoming a BOPL 2020 Sponsor

You can make a donation to BOPL 2020 and become one of its sponsors by contacting the Financial Chair directly (Saverio Giallorenzo) or by submitting the form below, reporting your preferred options, so that we can contact you back.

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